We hired ELET a month after my dad had a massive stroke. Amelia and her staff helped us pull together all of our parents' financial information and evaluate the needs of one parent in rehab while one remained at home. No one realizes the legal complexities of caring for elderly family members until they are in the middle of it. ELET understands the laws pertaining to the care and placement of the elderly when they can no longer care for themselves. They understand the laws pertaining to what the elderly qualify for financially. The ELET team immediately assists you with action steps that pull financial information together and help determine what living arrangements and care are affordable. They get living wills, medical POAs, general POAs, and end of life wills done. It is huge to have these in place before a crisis comes. The ELET staff are caring, patient, and always willing to help. They are a valuable asset to our family, and we feel that they are friends. - Sue Lepper