Medicaid Benefits

Medicaid is health insurance for low income individuals or individuals with long-term disabilities who have not been able to work long enough to be eligible for Medicare. Medicaid is administered at the state level. Therefore each state determines exactly what is covered and establishes the qualifying income/asset guidelines.

Families often come to Elder Law of East Tennessee when they are struggling to understand how to pay for care needs of an elder or disabled loved one. Accessing benefits through Medicaid to pay for long-term nursing home care or in-home care is a large focus of our planning process.

Just like other public benefit programs, Medicaid benefits change frequently. We stay on top of it all. We help clients structure their legal and financial affairs so that they have the best chance of qualifying for Medicaid as soon as possible while preserving hard-earned resources to the greatest extent possible.

Before you become convinced that you can’t afford the care you need or that you will lose the home and resources you’ve worked so hard to accumulate, talk to us at Elder Law of East Tennessee. Or click through to read more about Medicaid benefits for Tennessee nursing home residents or for in-home/assisted living care through the CHOICES program.

When it comes to managing your long-term health care needs, you can see how important it is to understand how and when is the right time to apply for Medicaid. Let Elder Law of East Tennessee help ease your mind and put a plan in place that assures you will get the best care when you need it without the worry of how it will be paid for.