Legal Assistant and Client Liaison

victoriaVictoria Starkey serves as the point of contact for the clients of Attorney Julia Price.  She primarily handles Life Care Planning cases involving care transitions, financial concerns, or other urgent and demanding situations.  Her role in managing these cases is critical as she schedules appointments, organizes documents and information, assists in implementing strategies, drafts legal documents, and relays information among the attorney, care coordinator, public benefits assistant, agencies, service providers, family member, and client.  Her work ensures streamlined communication and timely service for ELET clients.  Coming from a much larger firm, Victoria is used to handling a large case load, maintaining excellent communication, and coordinating with other team members so that her clients’ work is processed efficiently and they can enjoy greater peace of mind.


University of Southern Indiana, B.S. in Psychology, 2016

What is the problem you are best at solving for your clients?

My clients may be anxious because they are in the middle of making big decisions and undergoing tough transitions.  I make sure they feel heard, that their work is taken care of as soon as possible, and that they have the information they need to move forward.  That way they can relax and get on with their lives knowing that they are in good hands and that a plan for addressing all their needs is in place.

What excites you about your work and the contribution you make to the ELET team?

I am happy to be a part of the growth at ELET.  It’s exciting to have a vital role in this diverse, hardworking, and compassionate group of people who always put the clients first.  It is rewarding to apply my experiences and skills in organization, relationship-building, and team communication to help the firm expand while maintaining our personalized, client-centered approach.

What do you love most about ELET?

Coming from a much larger firm, I am aware that ELET is unique.  I am used to having such a huge case load that it was impossible to know all my clients by name, much less be familiar with the details of events going on in their lives.  At ELET, that personal connection is the norm, and it sets us apart.  It is wonderful to work with people who have such a genuine interest in both clients and co-workers, and I love that we have an opportunity to get to know the people we serve and develop long-term relationships with our clients and their families.

Where can we find you when you’re not working?

At home, I love to cook with my husband – baking is my favorite.  I am always on the lookout for new and interesting recipes, so please tell me if you have one to share!  I also love reading and exploring new genres.  Whatever I’m doing, my one-year-old sheltie dog, Flint, is never far away.

What is a fun and/or little-known fact about you?

The town of Moab, Utah is my happy place.  I lived near there for four years, and loved hiking to the Delicate Arch in the Arches National Park.  I am still pretty new to East Tennessee, so I look forward to finding some special places here in the Smokies, too.