TennCare Eligibility Redetermination

From time to time, the Bureau of TennCare conducts a process called “redetermination” in which each TennCare recipient’s eligibility for benefits is reevaluated.  TennCare has recently begun a redetermination process and has been notifying TennCare recipients by mail.

If you or a member of your household is receiving TennCare benefits, it is extremely important that you provide the Bureau of TennCare with your current address and contact information to ensure that you receive notifications related to redetermination and have the opportunity to submit the needed information and documentation.  Failure to respond to a redetermination notice may result in loss of benefits.  Don’t let that happen to you!

Bear in mind that TennCare may not have your updated address even if you previously informed them of any changes.  Please take the time to notify TennCare of your correct address or contact information.  Call them at 1-855-259-0701; they answer the phone as “Tennessee Health Connection.” Write down the first and last name of the person you talk to and the date and time of the call. Keep that note for your records.  Note:  On November 6, 2015 TennCare announced a policy change stating that they cannot update address and contact information based on written requests.  They will only honor verbal requests made by the recipient of benefits or his/her power of attorney.

If you move or if your contact information changes in the future, make sure that you immediately inform TennCare of the changes to reduce the risk of missing critical communications about your benefits.

The Bureau of TennCare sent out the first wave of redetermination notifications in October 2015, and they will be sending more waves in November and December.  Not every recipient of TennCare benefits will receive a redetermination letter this year.  If you submit your change of address information but still do not receive a redetermination letter from TennCare, please do not be concerned.  You can read more about the redetermination process here.

If you have any questions about redetermination, please get in touch with Elder Law of East Tennessee’s Public Benefits Specialist Julia Keck Price, JD, by calling our office at 865-951-2410 or sending an e-mail to julia@elderlawetn.com.

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