toolsWe’re all used to handling many challenges in daily life. When the faucet leaks or the oven doesn’t heat up correctly, it is not hard to know what tool to use or which professional to call to fix the problem. Unfortunately, finding solutions or support for caregivers managing long-term care for an elder or disabled loved one is not so easy. Problems range from addressing basic daily needs like transportation and pain management to the more specific aspects of disease management and housing arrangements. Caregivers often struggle with uncertainty and exhaustion when faced with so many new and unfamiliar issues. Being able to partner with families to find the right “tools” for their particular situation is a very gratifying part of my Elder Care Coordinator role. is one such tool. It offers resources and services for caregivers who are new to the task of caregiving, who have been managing care for a long time, or who aren’t able to leave home to participate in support groups or programs in the community. Among their services is a forum of online support groups where caregivers can “share, vent, laugh, and feel less alone.” Participants in these online support groups can participate whenever it is most convenient and may choose to post anonymously. Finding ways to connect with other caregivers to share experiences and receive guidance can be extremely beneficial and uplifting. It is also helpful to get in touch with the medical, financial, and legal advisors who can give you professional guidance as you navigate the complexities of long-term care.

Over my twenty plus years’ experience in geriatric social work, I’ve stocked my professional toolbox with information on all sorts of services and resources available to caregivers. I love helping Elder Law of East Tennessee’s Life Care Planning families find the solutions that allow everyone to enjoy a better quality of life — both the aging adult and for the people trying to provide long-term care.

If you need help coordinating care for your loved one, please get in touch. Call me at 865-951-2410 or send an e-mail to I’m looking forward to hearing from you and to helping you unload your long-term care burden.