This September, Elder Law of East Tennessee joined the Financial Planning Association (FPA) of East Tennessee as a professional partner.  FPA partners are companies who do not necessarily offer financial planning themselves but whose services dovetail with financial planning.  As a partner, we participate in meetings, events, and continuing education with FPA members (who do provide financial planning services).  Relationships formed through this organization can help both companies better serve their clients by offering comprehensive, coordinated services.

The core values of the FPA are competence, integrity, relationships, and stewardship – values which are very much in line with ELET’s mission to deliver comprehensive expertise with honesty, respect, and compassion.  Both ELET and members of the FPA are committed to high ethical standards, increasing public awareness about the benefits of proactively planning for the future, and actively pursuing continuing education so that we can provide accurate, up-to-date guidance on ever-changing legal and financial issues.

At ELET, we enjoy opportunities to collaborate with a wide range of professionals in other industries to better serve our clients.  These include financial planners and advisors (both within and outside the FPA organization); Medicare advisors; in-home care providers; hospice agencies; hospital discharge planners and social workers; and residential care facility professionals, to name a few.  A large part of our role in serving our clients is making sure they are aware of all their options and are connected with the other resources in the community that can help them plan for financial and care needs and get appropriate care in the right setting when they need it.

If you are a financial planner or advisor or are in another professional role serving clients who are elderly or planning for old age or disability, we would love to hear from you and learn about your services and values.  Our goal is to serve as a resource for the community and help fellow service providers and families work through the legal, financial, and care challenges of aging and disability.  By working collaboratively, we can help families achieve their financial and care goals and rest easy knowing that they have the right plan in place.