Securing Your Financial Future

asset_protection_planHow can we pay for long-term care? How do we know if our money is going to last? Are we eligible for public benefits? How do we get access to those benefits? How can we avoid burdening our loved ones with debts after we die? These are just a few of the many asset-related questions our clients need help answering. An Asset Protection Plan through Elder Law of East Tennessee gives them answers and the peace of mind that comes with knowing their financial future is secure.

Do you know that TennCare, Medicaid, and CHOICES are all one and the same in Tennessee? The terms can be used interchangeably. Are you aware that you can receive assistance with long term care costs in your own home, or in assisted living, or in a nursing home? Have you heard about the protections that are available to a healthy spouse to protect assets for him or her if the ill spouse needs nursing home care? With all these confusing titles, programs, forms, and other details to consider, it’s no wonder that figuring out which public benefits you are eligible for and how to receive those benefits confuses so many people! It is a complicated matter, requiring expert know-how to navigate the ever-changing criteria and procedures.

An Asset Protection Plan from Elder Law of East Tennessee includes the components of an Estate Plan (Last Will and Testament or Revocable Living Trust, Durable Powers of Attorney for finances and health care; and Living Will or Advance Care Plan), plus a written plan detailing how to collect the public resources that will pay for long term care. With your documents and financial plan in place, you will be well-armed to run the gauntlet of public benefits programs and receive all the benefits available.

Clients with an Asset Protection Plan enjoy the comfort of knowing how long their money will last and how to supplement their own funds with benefits such as Veterans Aid and Attendance or TennCare/Medicaid/CHOICES. For more information about Asset Protection Plans and planning for the future, give us a call at 865-951-2410.

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