assisted living building If you’ve wondered if assisted living might be the right placement, check out “The By Families For Families Guide to Assisted Living” by my friend Ryan Malone. He uses his experience transitioning his mother to assisted living as to speak to the concerns families often have. It is just one resource I use to help clients of Elder Law of East Tennessee find the right assisted living fit. It isn’t a one size fits all matter. The help we give provides peace of mind our clients wouldn’t trade for anything.

As you might imagine, issues around transitioning to assisted living frequently come up with clients and their families at Elder Law of East Tennessee. We work through fears or resistance by sharing our experiences, dispelling misinformation, and creating a vision of how life for the older adult (and for the family) can be transformed. As Elder Care Coordinator I recognize that there are emotional hurdles to moving anywhere anytime. There are tons of logistical details to work out. Not to worry. That is what an Elder Care Coordinator is for. Understanding all the fine print in the contracts can be overwhelming. Amelia thoroughly reviews them, clarifies confusing language, and makes sure our client’s interests are well protected.

Assisted living communities are so much more than buildings where older adults live. They are, in fact, vibrant neighborhoods where folks have found a good fit for the needs they have at this stage of life. Residents share life experiences but retain as much independence and privacy in their new homes as they choose. I regularly visit Elder Law of East Tennessee clients in assisted living to monitor their care and to be their advocate whenever the need arises. Even in cases where clients or their families have resisted the transition to assisted living, given a little time, I see the clients flourish. In their new home they are surrounded with care, support, social opportunities, well balanced meals, management of medications, and many other amenities. Families flourish too. They are able to rest easy knowing that their loved one has everything they need and is safe and secure. There is a big shift from being consumed by caregiving to being able to have fun and enjoy the personal aspects of the relationship again. At Elder Law of East Tennessee we don’t think that there is anything more important than that.