TennCare Income Limits

To qualify for Medicaid long-term care benefits under the TennCare CHOICES program, an applicant must demonstrate financial need by documenting his or her monthly income and total assets. Both income and assets must be below certain limits in order to qualify for TennCare CHOICES.

Tennessee’s Medicaid program is TennCareTennCare Income Limits

Each state administers its own Medicaid program, so the rules and regulations governing Medicaid vary from state to state. Tennessee’s Medicaid program is called TennCare. Tennessee is an “income cap state” for purposes of Medicaid eligibility. This means that to qualify for assistance from TennCare CHOICES, an applicant’s pre-tax monthly income must be below an amount set by law. For 2019, this number $2,313*. If an applicant needs help paying for long-term care and makes more money than $2,313* each month, he or she may qualify for assistance by using a Miller Trust or Qualified Income Trust (QIT).

Determining income eligibility is just one piece of the TennCare/Medicaid puzzle. An applicant must also prove medical need and asset eligibility. The rules surrounding assets are complex, so it is wise to consult an elder law attorney familiar with Medicaid and TennCare to ensure the best outcome and maximize savings.

*Medicaid/TennCare figures are subject to change over time. To determine eligibility, always make sure you are working with the latest TennCare and Medicaid figures.