…is worth a pound of cure.  Wise words from ole Ben Franklin.  Doing what ittakes now to prevent a larger, more costly “cure” in the future applies directly to care planning for the elderly.  Too often seniors and their families resist spending “pennies” on early supportive care because they believe that major expenses forlong-term care can be avoided entirely.  Thinking this way is a recipe for a devastating financial and care crisis for the older adult as well as for all involved in caring for them.

One of the hardest things I face working with seniors is resistance to accepting incremental help as they age, especially if there is any financial outlay for the help.  I believe Mr. Franklin would buy into this elder care mantra:  “Spend the money now for the care that is needed now.”  Okay, take a breath and repeat the mantra. Spend the money now for the care that is needed now. Folks who follow this script end up getting exactly what they say they want — to stay healthy and independent as long as possible.  Health and independence are preserved at a lower overall cost.  Ole Ben would smile.

Life Care Planning is the best way to cover all the bases for long term care planning while ensuring resources are used or preserved in the most advantageous way.  Life Care Planning marries the knowledge of an elder law attorney with other professionals such as geriatric care managers, benefit specialists, etc.  The concept is holistic.  Plans are customized to meet the long term care objectives of the elderly and their caregivers.  Call me.  I’ll tell you more and help you find a Life Care Planning practice in your area.  It’s the ounce of prevention that is worth a ton!